Tapestry Project

Through an ongoing collaboration with a family of weavers in Michoacan, Mexico, I have been designing tapestries using imagery from my artwork and having them produced at a small weaving facility. The tapestries were featured in an exhibit, Las Frutas del Mundo, which premiered in 2013 at the Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuita in Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico. The tapestry project represents a link between the history and culture of the Mexican agricultural heartland and life in rural East Tennessee.

What these master artistans have created are not reproductions of the images I drew, but interpretations of them in natural wool: grown, dyed and woven in Michoacan, Mexico. The project has created an ongoing link between two cultures, using the arts to cross a contested border and inject hope and economic possibility into a difficult time for Michoacan.

You can view some of the tapestries below as well as in the general “work” section of my website. If you are interested in purchasing a tapestry or learning more about them, please send an email to inquiries@andrewsaftel.com. Thank you.

To learn more about this project, check out the documentary film by Eduardo Bautista/Nemesys Films, Morelia, Michoacan.

_Bees Work_ Rug- 65x 70 _#8D51 resize

Bees Work, 2013, tapestry, 65 x 70 in

_Couple_ Rug email- 38x47_#3AF6 resize

Couple, 2013, tapestry, 38 x 47 in

_Dual Portrait_ Rug email- 82x49_#00A2 resize

Dual Portrait, 2013, tapestry, 82 x 49 in

_King of Falling Fruit_ Rug email- 33x102_#2876 resize

King of Falling Fruit, 2013, tapestry, 33 x 102 in


Finger and Toe Fruit, 87_x49_, email#BCDD

Finger and Toe Fruit, tapestry, 87 x 49 in

Behind the Back Fruit, 89_x50_, email#109D

Behind the Back Fruit, tapestry, 89 x 50 in

Giant Fruit, 83_x51_, email#8990

Giant Fruit, tapestry, 83 x 51 in

La Frontera rug 60x60_ email#2B5B

La Frontera, tapestry, 60 x 60 in

Long Road, 27_x139_, email#DDEB

Long Road, tapestry, 27 x 139 in

My Island  rug email118_x90_#97D4

My Island, tapestry, 118 x 90 in

Race, 37_x128_, email #6E41

Race, tapestry, 37 x 128 in

Pursuit of Fruit email

Pursuit of Fruit, tapestry